iPhoto and Quicktime VR

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I think Quicktime VR would be a great enhancement to the iPhoto feature set. Now I know they sell VR for $395 but they have not updated it over 4 years. Something simple to make "objects" or "panorama" would be cool. They could leave the hinted links and the other more robust features for the $400 VR package.

Any thoughts?

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    thinking of photoshop elements 2.0, selling cheap (&lt;90?), has panorama function (working well)
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    I was thinking about updates that need to be made to iphoto and remembered I posted something on this topic a while ago. So after some searching, I found my old post from 2002.

    iPhoto Update Request:

    1) Add QT VR to iPhoto - Still relevant nearly 4 years later. :-)

    2) Create consistant themes across iPhoto, homepage, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD, Keynote and pages

    3) iPhoto plugin to Snapfish

    4) if not to #3, then allow visitors to buy photos from web pages created on homepage or iWeb

    5) Add Return Address Labels and Stamps to the list of printables (e.g. Books, calendars, cards, etc)

    I would also like to see Apple create a digital picture frame. Key specs would be:

    1) Look like either the current cinema displays or the older white/clear beveled ones.

    2) Wireless connection to network.

    3) The picture frame would show up in iPhoto as an Picture Frame Album and I could drag pictures to it. By doing this, it would "photocast" the pictures to the frame.

    4) For Apple Picture frame v1.0- The frame would have to be on my wireless network and have a preset of cross disolve transition timed at a minute.

    5) For apple Picture frame v2.0- My parents can buy the picture frame and I can photo cast to it from anywhere. Their picture frame appears in my Album list and as I drag pictures to it, it updates through .Mac just like photocasting does today, and changes the pictures on their frame. This would need to work even if the frame owner was not a Apple computer owner or a .Mac subscriber.


    What is the plan for sherlock. Half the services don't work. The movie one doesn't play video, and the app as a whole never turned out anywhere near as useful as Watson. Does anyone have any info as to the inclusion of sherlock in Leopard?
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