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does anyone know if there will be a patch released for SOF II so that mac users also can play with pc users

i can play RTCW and MOHAA with pc users so i want to know if this will also be possible for SOF II



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    SOF II has crashed tonight both in single and multiplayer, i don't get it reinstalling doesnt help

    damn man that was my favourite game <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" /> <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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    euh, it's very simple to play with pc-users;

    open sof2 multi player, c that ur connected to internet =&gt; domain (or whatever) on internet and not the LAN (default)
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    quaremquarem Posts: 254member
    First off there is a public beta update to 1.02 for SOF 2 that brings Punkbuster support, new weapons and new maps. Must of the PC servers are all running 1.02 so you will need this update to play with them. You can get it at Macplay's website.

    Secondly, you should try deleting (or moving) your preferences for SOF 2 so that new ones are created. This has solved problems I have had in the past. Your preferences for SOF 2 are located in your ~/Library/Application Support directory and ~/Library/Preferences directory.
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    Can someone link me? Ive been looking all over on MacPlays site and can't find anything mentioning 1.02. Thanks!
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    There is a link at the top of the Macplay homepage that says

    "help us beta test the soldier of fortune 1.02 patch - click here"

    You should click there.

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