Proper way to clean LCD monitor?

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i have a cloth called "utlimate duster" that i've wiped my LCD monitor with. it says its safe for all surface but im paranoid about wreckin my monitor. LCDs are fragile and i dont wanna scratch it or ruin pixels. theres a spot on my monitor though thats dirt i wanna get rid of. when i turn the screen off and put it under some light there seem to be scratches inside the screen

also how can i make sure i dont have any dead pixels? the screen looks fine to me but i might not be able to notice


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    LCDs are a lot more durable than you'd think - I've had many, I even have a laptop from 1993 or so that still has a functional LCD that has survived my abuse!

    Don't worry about it at all, actually, I'll go further. One time, a disco ball I had hanging over my table fell on my cinema display, leaving a trail of glass dust all over it. Strangely, there wasn't a single scratch on the screen and all was okay (though, I have a feeling that if this had happened under any other circumstance the LCD would have been destroyed).

    Either way, worrying about the cloth you use, nevermind how you clean it, is kinda funny. Relax. A very, very slightly damp cloth will do. (I mean, slightly.. not to the point that it'll drip on your screen).

    Actually, there's no harm in liquid ON the screen, what you want to keep from happening, is water dripping down the screen and falling into the enclosure. A fine mist of spray (for example, iklear), works okay.

    Occasionally, and I mean over a year or so, I find that LCDs just end up getting grime on them, and the only way to clean it is to use something more aggressive. I DO NOT CONDONE THIS AND IF YOU DESTROY YOUR SCREEN USING THIS.. WELL .. IT'S AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

    Ocassionally, when mine get grime I can't clean off I use this cleaning spray that comes in a package of eyeglass "restorer" I bought (lens doctor RX) - I'm guessing the cleaning spray is a mild abrasive, but it's never damaged a single screen I've used it on and cleans off ANYTHING.

    Then again, you'll probably never need anything of that sort if you're as delicate with your monitor as you say you are A slightly damp cloth with water will work wonders
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    Plexus Spray... Google it. Use that stuff and a soft cloth and you are golden. Its made specifically for delicate plastics. Works wonders for me.
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    feartecfeartec Posts: 119member
    My wife cleaned it today with yes....windex. It's ok, but I fear the worse
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