Dreamweaver CS3 got Screwed...

in Mac Software edited January 2014
OK, so the Design Bundle isn't bad as far as I can tell right now. One thing that I did notice was the lack of new interface design for Dreamweaver CS3. I really like the new pallets and how they work in all the other apps, even when you hit tab (to fullscreen mode) in Photoshop, if you pull the mouse to the side, the pallets still show up. Why they didn't do this in Dreamweaver is beyond me. Everything has the same Adobe feel to it all long the suite except for Dreamweaver. It's the only app that looks the same. I was kind of hoping that this would get a little easier to use, but, at the end of the day, all the apps run f'in sweet on my Mac Pro! I finally have all the apps I want/need running native, bye bye Rosetta


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    evokenevoken Posts: 56member
    I find it dissapointing too that they didn't update Dreamweaver's interface. Firework also had the same fate.
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