What kind of mac would you buy just for your kid?

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Personally, I'd shell out at least $400 for a tough, touchscreen mac that would replace the clutter of crayons and refrigerator art.


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    An iMac that the whole house could use.
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    royboyroyboy Posts: 446member
    A Mac Pro and tell my wife it's for the kid's education.
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    iBook, iMac, or Mac MIni. Depending on age, and what they are interested in.
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    wawaxwawax Posts: 10member
    mac mini would be great, connected with touch screen, so little boy can do some creative stuff, but of course with some new knowledge

    but it will be great if we have i mac, because it holds camera on it

    its georgeus....
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    fishafisha Posts: 126member

    Stop trying to fool us. We all know you are the big kid in the household . . .
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    I would give the kid(s) my hand me down.

    Then I would buy a shiny new mac for myself.
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    kolchakkolchak Posts: 1,398member
    Apple should do an updated version of the eMate with a color screen, spillproof keyboard and Internet capable with integrated WiFi. Sort of a cross between eMate and iPhone. No optical drive. Maybe flash-only but with limited capacity, maybe 2GB of flash with most of the OS and major applications in ROM just like the iPhone, but maybe add TextEdit for writing up class assignments. If they need additional storage, give them a slot for SD cards or something, which are cheap enough to swap out and the reader circuits are dirt cheap anyway. No Firewire, Expresscard or video out. Same camera as the iPhone. No real need for MultiTouch. Something tough, no frills, easy for small hands to carry, cheap enough to be almost disposable, and with a stylus for doodling on the screen. It'd be perfect for sub-6th graders who don't need a full laptop. And if they could price it at $700 or below, they could rack up some serious contracts with school districts that can't justify buying Macbooks for kids in their single-digit years.
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    chris vchris v Posts: 460member
    The only prob. is that kids want to play games, and you need decent hardware, even for G-rated stuff like the Sims & Zoo Tycoon. I think refurbed/used iBooks or 17" iMac g5's are the way to go. Decent price, and they still pack a little oomph.
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