iSight TV ? Any reason why it wouldn't possible?

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The recent details of Leopards instant messaging framework, iSights into the newer Cinema displays got me thinking...

Is there any reason why it wouldn't be possible to have an iSightTV add-on for the Apple TV?

Apple TV is all about streaming your digital content to screen . . . but given the processing power of the unit, the available transfer speeds, H.264, would it not be possible to enable something going the other way?

Have a USB ( cause thats the only obviously free socket on the back ) iSight which plugs into the back of the AppleTV, it transfers the video to the main PC ( ok . . . Mac ) which then in turn pumps it out down the internet to another video chat session.

In iChat, when looking at the status of a buddy, it could show whether someone was online at the computer, and whether AppleTV was online too.

Given that AppleTV is aimed at home users, you could reasonably take video conferencing straight into that market too . . . for not too much more than the price of a camera?


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    filburtfilburt Posts: 398member
    Yeah, it's doable but aren't you turning Apple TV into... a Mac mini? Oh wait, Mac mini doesn't come with iSight and iSight is no longer being made, so oh well.
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