maximum space in flash drive

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I hope this doesn't duplicate a thread. Anyway.

I got a U-3 enabled PNY flash drive, 2gb. I used the windows uninstaller to get rid of the U-3 launchpad. Now I am trying to use Disk Utility to reformat. All I want is one volume, one partition, of the maximum size available. But for some reason all my various attempts leave me with 1.72 gb available, and two invisible files on the drive which take up 16 mb. I am electing the standard Mac OS (Journaled) format.

Are these files the journal logs? I didn't think they would take up 16 mb. I know with formatting I can't get even 1.9 gb out of it-- I think 1.86 is a possibility, though. What's the maximum I can get out of this drive while leaving Journaling on? (Unless Journaling is irrelevant for a flash drive, in which case I'll take it off. I thought it would be good for accidental un-plugs or something).

I know the U-3 uninstaller got all the Launchpad crap off but I'm stuck with this lingering suspicion that the drive isn't totally clean yet.

Thanks for your help.
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