New Mac PBX coming. Asterisk eat your heart out

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I'm not the biggest PBX fan in world but that's because I have little experience with them. I'm certainly glad that there's a new product coming that is more Mac'like than current versions of Asterisk on OS X. Keep your eyes peeled for in the upcoming few months. There should be more info.


Afelio turns a Macintosh or BSD system into a private branch exchange telephone system (aka PBX) and multi-protocol voice over IP telephony server. It is aimed at platforms running MacOS X and BSD operating systems, in particular embedded BSD systems. In addition to VoIP telephony, Afelio provides many features usually found in proprietary PBX systems such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, call screening, call transfer, interactive voice response menus (IVR), music-on-hold (MoH), voice conferencing, voicemail and others.

Code Base, Build Environment, Releases

Afelio's telephony engine is based in part on, a much improved derivative of Asterisk, and in part on Unicall, a telephony hardware abstraction library. The code base is currently being converted to Xcode to create universal binaries for MacOS X. For BSD builds the code base will be maintained as a CMake build environment. A first release for MacOS X is planned for Q2/2007. A release for BSD will follow once the conversion to CMake has been completed.


focus on integration with MacOS X and BSD technologies

software timers — no dependencies on Digium hardware

native build environment — universal binaries for MacOS X

MacOS X and BSD centric quality assurance

Plist configuration

The configuration system inherited from Asterisk is based on the outdated Windows 1.0 INI system — YIKES! We are working towards replacing this ancient relic from the dark ages with a modern configuration system based on NeXT property lists which is used throughout MacOS X to store configuration data and user preferences.

Licensed " On-Hold Music"

Sunrise has licensed royalty-free music for inclusion with Afelio as on-hold music. This music does not require any performance license to be played to callers over the telephone. However, the license is for non-commercial use only. When used as a business PBX, a one-time royalty-free license (per business) will need to be purchased from the publishing company.

The following royalty-free music is included with Afelio:

Beethoven, Symphony No.3 "Eroica", complete

Mozart, Serenade "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", complete

Mussorgsky/Korsakov, "A Night on the Bare Mountain"

Sarasate, "Zigeunerweisen", complete

Vivaldi, Concerto "The Four Seasons", complete

2 modern instrumental tracks (synthesizer/techno)

Support for Apple Voice Modems

We are working on a middleware to interface the Motorola SM56 modem used by Apple in recent Macs and in the external Apple USB Modem with Unicall, a telephony hardware abstraction layer library. This will allow the use of the SM56 modem to make and receive telephone calls on Macintosh computers running Afelio.

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