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I did a search on the subject, but couldn't find an answer to my question..

I bought an iPod Nano 8GB the other day, but I wasn't aware that I had to charge it fully the first time. So I charged it for about 30 mins, used it for about 2 hours before charging it fully.

Will this have any impact on my battery-life?

I feel so bad right now...




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    nevenmrgannevenmrgan Posts: 240member
    Nothing you'd need to worry about. Just let it drain all the way and recharge fully some time soon. Do that every month or so and you'll be good.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,751member
    Originally Posted by Erlend

    Will this have any impact on my battery-life?

    No, not any impact whatsoever. From personal experience with battery powered tools, if you want your battery to last a long time between charges, and you want to make it's life last, I'd leave your iPod's battery completely die between each and every charge, and then I'd charge it fully when it does, each and every time.
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    erlenderlend Posts: 2member
    Thanks so much for answers! Feel a lot better now :-)

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