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I was reading about LED lighting on Wikipedia and ran into a video of demo of multi touch screen by Jeff Han. You have probably seen this already, I find it amazing.

So here is a part of my journey in links:

So, LED can be also used for multi touch? I didn`t know this.

I can`t wait to see what to future will bring. Sometimes I feel like I am living in the past. Oh, and I wish that the whole world has fast Wi-fi everywhere. That it becomes like the electricity - widely spread.


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    nevenmrgannevenmrgan Posts: 240member
    We've all seen this... many, many times, a long time ago. The type of backlight used on a screen should make no difference for touch screen technologies.
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    titan10titan10 Posts: 27member
    Angevin, thank you for the post.

    I look forward to see, on 20th May 2007, Jeff Han demoing at the TED 2007!

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    webmailwebmail Posts: 639member
    Jeff's multi-touch display can't be made portable right now, it's using projectors and laser tracking for the fingers, a cheep fast system but requires more space than a 60" HDTV.

    Apple's method is fairly new works great, and can works with LCDs. It's not about the display technology so much as it is the coating over it.

    Jeff knew about apple's multitouch in advance, and was very impressed by it. There is a conference called TED that happens every year to showcase new ideas like this.
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