iPod in a pool of blood

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I'm a apple fan, and as a habit I offen go 'look there's a apple ____' but last night took the cake. I was watching a recorded 'Hero' episode, and there was a lady that can hear super well, and was using a iPod 'look there's a apple iPod', then due to the story twist she gets killed. Next it was a close up of an iPod in a pool of blood zoom closer in to a headphones with more blood.

As I live in New Zealand and it was an old recording this likely play months ago in US.

What is the most greatest Apple product TV/Movie moment?

Funny something you remember mis-truth like a ASB bank TV ad with a Dell laptop with Apple Safari on screen.

Tell your story..


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    rich-mysterrich-myster Posts: 771member
    in epic movie, the queen chick throws a macbook pro at her servant or something like that.
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    bevosbevos Posts: 59member
    You all too terrified to answer just in case your loved mac end up in a pool of blood too
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    We're going back some.

    I think it's pretty clear that the powerbook used to hack into the alien mothership in "Independence Day" is the best usage of a mac in a movie. I also like the one-handed typing practices of Stallone and Banderas, as executed on PB 540's in "Assassins."

    More recently, the back of an Apple monitor is shown for a second during a scene in "The Royal Tennenbaums." This isn't noteworthy on an Apple level, but it's really the only indication in the whole movie that the plot takes place in some demented present, as opposed to a less-demented 1989.
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