Delete movie=kernel panic?

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Hi everyone!

There are some really smart people on this forum, so someone should be able to help me.

I've got a movie on my hard drive (700 mb avi) that, whenever I try to delete it, it causes a kernel panic immediately and forces me to restart the computer. It does this even when I boot up from an external drive and try to delete it then.

Here's what I've tried to do to solve this problem so far:

-Repaired permissions (seemed to be okay)

-Tried a program called Force Delete (still caused panic)

-Repaired drive (seemed to be okay)

-Rebuilt volume (seemed to be okay)

-Scanned file for viruses (none found)

-Done all of these things from a copy of osx on my external drive (seemed to be okay/caused kernel panic)

Basically, I'm lost. Short of reinstalling OS X (which would blow), I'm not sure what I can do.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!



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    flinch13flinch13 Posts: 228member
    An act of desperation let me to the solution... I renamed the file and it deleted fine. How strange.
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    flinch13flinch13 Posts: 228member
    PS whoever is moderating can delete this thread.... sorry
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,213moderator
    Originally Posted by flinch13 View Post

    PS whoever is moderating can delete this thread.... sorry

    Not at all, any solution to a problem is welcome on the boards in case other people have the same issue. Did the file in question have funny characters in it? If it was a 700MB AVI, I'm guessing it was a download. Different systems have different handling of characters.
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