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Recently the f1/f2 keys no longer change the backlighting intensity. Im running 10.4.9 have all the updates. I have searched the internet and the only problems that are similar are back in 10.4.0-10.4.2 it was apparently fixed after that. I have reset the pram and hitting the keys during startup. The F1 and F2 keys work when assigned to other functions but not for brightness. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated as the max brightness affects my batt. life a little.


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    gwoodpeckergwoodpecker Posts: 367member
    Press fn plus F1 or fn plus F2. And there is a setting where you can change the behaviour of the F-keys: system preferences --> keyboard & mouse --> tab top right (sorry, can't look up the exact name right now as I'm working on a PC right now).
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    already doublechecked that option, neither works (holding fn and not)
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