iPod Shuffle Syncing Problem

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
i've been having problems with my second-gen ipod shuffle. even when i set it to manual syncing, the shuffle will only allow me to edit its contents in ONE computer's itunes library. whenever i try and plug it into, say, my brother's laptop, it tells me that, if i want to interact with his itunes library, i will have to erase all songs that i have on it beforehand. i'm fairly sure that this is built into the firmware and that others, smarter than me, have had this problem. my question: is there any way to work around this or deactivate it in any way, specifically with free or shareware? i have found kandalu-x lite, but that only allows me to rip and play from the shuffle (or any other ipod), not put things onto it. thanks for any help.
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