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How do I edit these commands in mail as outlined in the instructions below? I can't find the necessary settings:

'You may want all your emails to appear to come from your Alumni email address. This can be accomplished by suitable configuration of your email client. Part of the configuration facilities of most email clients will allow you to specify a From: address and Reply To: address of [email protected] (your Alumni email address). This will present a consistent email address image so that, regardless of your 'real' email address, your emails will appear to come from your Alumni email address and any replies to your emails will automatically be directed there as well. It is a straight forward process to accomplish this with Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express clients and many others.

There may be difficulties with email service providers that only provide a web interface as this may not be sufficiently configurable compared with a local email client. Furthermore, there is a possibility that some email service providers might disallow the specification of From: and/or Reply To: fields that differ from your 'real' email address, and potentially, spam scoring may increase because of the anomalous nature of the message addressing. You will have to check this out for yourself. '



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    hledgardhledgard Posts: 264member
    I would think you can create a signature with your reply to address. This can be done in

    Mail -> Preferences -> Signatures

    Or, in

    Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts

    you can specify a different email address in Account Information.

    Not sure either of these fits your requirements.

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