Apple really needs a DVD Studio Express...

in Mac Software edited January 2014
This lack of supporting external DVD writers in iDVD is really starting to piss me off and is incredibly shortsighted of Apple.

From my understanding, burning a DVD movie via iDVD needs at least a G4 to be even remotely quick. So, if Apple were to allow people to use iDVD with external drives and slow hardware, they could possibly drive a lot more sales. This tactic has worked real well for the WinTel combo over the past decade.

Furthermore, there's only a small subset of people who have a G4 processor and don't have a SuperDrive. Yes, I happen to be one of them. Yes, I really want to burn DVD's, and yes I would like the easy integration with Apples other iApp tools.

With all of that being said. Yes, I'm willing to pay a bit extra for the software (although I have no idea why it should cost more), but I'm not about to spend $1000 for DVD SP. Something along the lines of DVD SE for $399 would still be bit difficult to stomach unless it delivered many features of DVD SP. To get iDVD to work with an external drive, I would think somewhere around $99 might be reasonable (although, again, I don't know why it should really cost more).

Perhaps some day Apple will sell an external DVD writer and then allow iDVD to actually write to it.
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