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it seems that neither quicktime or itunes wont play an mp4 video file thats 5GB. am i wrong on this?


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    teedoff087teedoff087 Posts: 348member
    Why on Earth would you have a video file that large?
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    I dont want a file that big. but a file with the clarity of a common dvd would even be bigger than that. you cant get a dvd quality file under probably 7GB.
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    hardeeharharhardeeharhar Posts: 4,841member

    it depends upon the codec.
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    Actual DVD Movies are usually around 4-7GB using the old MPEG-2 codec. The same file compressed with h.264 would be around 2.5 GB at the same quality settings.

    That's all besides the point... I accidentaly encoded something at the wrong settings once and ended up with a 22GB file. It still played fine. I would guess that something is wrong with the file or... possibly... something to do with the location of the file... I really don't know if this is the case, but its possible that QT can't play files larger than 4GB if the QT player is on a HFS drive (as opposed to HFS+ which has been the standard for the last 5 years or so)

    Check all the drives involved and see if they are "Mac OS Extended" (HFS+) or "Mac OS Standard" (HFS)

    I know that Mac OS Standard drives can't store files larger than 2GB or 4GB or something like that.
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