Is the iPhone doomed?

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for months since the iphones release, countless financial advisors and journalists have been predicting it to be a flop. They all claim no one wants a $500 phone and that the iphone already exists in products on the market today. Countless rivals have come up with phone that have been touted "iPhone Killers".

I wonder how can other phones kill a product that isn?t already out yet. Most of the people saying the iphone will fail haven?t even touched one and with the limited information we have, they are just guessing based on looks.

Perhaps one of the worst insights came from this article

In it, the author make numerous claim about how the iphone wont succeed and how apple should pull it off the market. Some of his claim are as follows


The market does not want them together. I do not want to have to turn off my music to get a phone call. If I am driving my family in my car and we are listening to the iPod, having to turn off the music to answer my phone becomes a major hassle. The same holds true for any event where I play the iPod. Why would I pay $600 for this, or, buy an iPod in addition to this, in order to avoid the hassle?

Has this not been the goal of the electronics industry for the past years. Just 5 years ago with the camera phone we saw this. And all the next gen counsels are moving towards a more media center feel. I would have to say that the market wants more integration, as long as the features are not reduced to much.


Being able to make a call simply by pointing a finger at a number is a feature touted for the phone. How is this any different or accurate from scrolling on my blackberry? This feature will lead to frustration, as users who do not point at exactly the number they want will keep initializing errant calls.

The black berry has "2d" scrolling. the iphone has 3d scrolling not to mention a multi touch display. Multi touch displays are also a lot more sensitive so it will not be hard to use. He also seems to ignore the iPhone's sensor that turns off the phone at certain distances. He is thinking more about how things were in the past. Also remember he has not touched the iphone

Here is his solution:


This is the easiest part. There is no reason to have an 8GB iPod on the phone. Give us a 2GB capacity so we can put our favorite stuff on it and listen when we want, cut the price to $299 and you may have something. A $599 phone will not gain mass acceptance no matter what it does, especially when people can still get its functionality from their existing devices. Also, the exclusive deal with AT&T Inc. (T) was not a very bright idea. Until it is expanded to all carriers, you will have nothing more than a little niche product.

Everyone is always claiming they can already do that with current devices. However this is not true as they are most likely referring to using 5 devices. Also, i would like to see some of these devices that these people refer to. What other phone has a good multi touch display and a great UI as well as many other smaller features

Why cant everyone just let the iphone come out before they make rash judgments about it. They cant seem to accept that apple, seemingly, made a great product that they don?t own yet. Despite their intention these articles just generate even more hype.

And also, he calls the iPhone apples first flop, I guess he forgot about the 90s.


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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    Short answer to your question: No.
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
    Slightly longer answer to your question: Don't fall for FUD campaigns by the same people would sooner turn around, praise Apple for revolutionizing the market after Apple announces how successful a product is, and then when they come along with something new, turn around and back stab them again.

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