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Is it possible in Photoshop to assign hotkeys to things that, by default, don't have any. I'm currently using CS1 (v. 8.0) and find myself resizing photos all the time. The problem is that there is no keyboard shortcut for it so I must constantly to Image then Image Size... in the command bar. My workflow would be much faster and more efficient if I could just do this in one keystroke. Is it possible to do this?


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    This might help you out. I always had these sheets around at school, at home, wherever. Look up the shortcut for everything your trying to do and use it. Your slower for a few days, but after that you can work so much faster and more efficient. I used them until I knew basically everything...
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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    I don't recall if CS1 has this, but CS2 and later at least do. Go to Window-->Workspace-->Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus

    You can configure darn near anything here.
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