Free Money!

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>>Some pics of people's checks.......<

Hmm, I just might have to try this. Also, I bank at Wells Fargo in Washington state (near Seattle), so I'd be able to easily verify if the checks are good (I suspect they are).


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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
    Money is never free.

    Stop spamming this forum!!

    Yet another reason to despise Advertisers :@

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    akent35akent35 Posts: 15member
    >>Money is never free.<

    Definitely true! I did sign up, but for just about all the offers, they want too much personal information. Specifically, they want you address and phone number. That is not at all necessary for an on-line survey.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    I haven't looked at this site, and I banned the spammer, but just FYI, if an offer doesn't require a credit card payment, put a completely fake person into Address Book on OS X, including a real but throwaway free phone number at Then choose "This is My Card" from Address Book's menu.

    Then on the pages where they want your name and address just hit AutoFill (the pencil icon on Safari's toolbar or command-shift-A) and it will fill in the bogus info.

    They will spam the throwaway email address you gave, and try to call the PrivatePhone throwaway phone number, and send junk mail to the fake address.

    And you still get credit for the offer.
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