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I am looking to buy, if available, a device that would do some of what the Apple TV will do

but some other things as well. The following are what I would like to do with a device:

Play CDs, DVDs from computer to television.

Project computer display (screen) to TV

Use as a replacement for converter box supplied by local cable company for TV reception

Show iPhoto Pictures on TV

All this done wirelessly!!!!!!!

CAN ANYONE HELP ME??????? Thank you all.



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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    You are probably not going to find a computer-like device that can replace the cable box, the cable industry does not trust computers. If you want that feature, you are more likely to find a cable box that takes on the other features, which will take a while to happen.. Otherwise, I think the closest you will get is a Mac mini, with a TV tuner that can display what's on your cable box. I think there may be better alternatives in the Windows HTPC world, but I don't know much about the relevant programs.

    I don't know of any Mac program that can control a cable box and such. I want to make one, but I have other priorities right now.
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