12 inch Powerbook

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I'm looking at the 12" powerbook. I really like the size and the aluminum finish. I like the fact that it has a dedicated graphics card.

But I'm a little concerned about buying old tech. I'll mostly be using it for wireless web browsing and watching DVD's. But there will be times I'll have special purposes for it and that will include light Photoshop and video work. I mostly work with Photoshop and After Effects. I don't have a problem running older versions of this software, like CS or CS2, or AE7. Those run native on PowerPC right? It's just the new CS3 that isn't universal correct?

How well do these programs run on a 1Ghz + G4 like the 12" powerbooks have?

What about Final Cut Studio and HDV video, how does that run on this system?


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    12" PB rocks, great little computer. My wife got an ex-demo 1.5Ghz about a month ago and I was way envious.

    It's still a fine bit of kit and you should be fine for your browsing and DVD use and the light lifting shouldn't be a problem. Because CS3 is universal then PPC support is just fine so don't sweat it, however I do feel that CS2 runs really well on these machines.

    All the usual guff applies, yes you're buying older kit and it's probably eclipsed by the newer C2D Intel machines but as a BlackBook owner I can vouch for the fact that the performance is nice... but I look back at my own 15" PB G4 and my wifes 12" PB G4 and I see robust little machines that show less wear after a longer period than the one I'm typing on now.

    I would see the drawbacks as mostly being emotional, not the latest/greatest etc, the most tangible reason to go for a newer machine would be the lack of warranty and the declining volume of software that will continue to be pushing to get the most from the G4 PPC.

    Go for it!
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