Need help with USB hub please

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Here is the situation. I was rewiring my computer/room yesterday. Towards the end of the night, I plugged a new surge protector into the wall. Right when I went to plug in the bat backup to the outlet, it touched a usb adaptor that was right next to the electrical plug, and it sparked and the outlet and usb adaptor had a black burn look to it. The USB extension is plugged into a USB hub. Now when I trun the computer on, I get a low, machine gun type sound from my speakers only when the I connect the USB cable to the hub. And the computer says that there is a USB taking up to much power? Anyone have any ideas whats going on, and maybe any solutions? Thanks.


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    pb1300pb1300 Posts: 33member
    ts saying:

    USB Over Current Notice.

    A USB device is currently drawing too much power.

    The hub it is attached to will be deactivated.
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