Melting mac book pro power cable?

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So I just noticed that right by the plug that actually goes into my Mac Book Pro the white cable has melted a littl exposing the wire within making charging difficult. Is this a common problem and something I can get replaced or do I have to purchase a whole new cable?


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    arnelarnel Posts: 103member
    Call Apple and they should replace it. I had the same thing happen to my magsafe adapter a few months ago, and they replaced it without any argument. I do have Applecare, however, if that helped any.

    I'd suggest not using it in the meantime, though. It may mean you can't use your machine for a few days until the replacement arrives, but melting cords aren't exactly safe.
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    SInce we are talking about electrical devices here I would STRONGLY suggest ceasing use of the power cord for the time being, ring apple up and they will send a replacement. Please please don't use the metled power cord in the mean time.
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