Cannot get rid of HP Setup Assistant

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on a Restart. There must be a way to eliminate this annoyance.

Thanks !

Henry ledgard


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    You may need to expand what this is all about. Bought a new printer and can't get rid of the previous HP software? Well, here's what I would check...

    Your Hard Drive/System/Library/

    Anything HP in there? Delete it. Either that or search for anything HP and remove what you feel is safe to remove.

    IMPORTANT: I'd wait until you add a broader explanation and for other replies before doing what I've told you to do.

    Found this on HP's website...

    \t Content starts here


    After successfully installin an HP product, the HP Setup Assistant loads each time the computer is started and will not go away.

    NOTE: \tThe HP Setup Assistant is designed to load each time the computer is started until the user successfully completes the Setup Assistant.

    This issue occurs after the user successfully installs the HP product and completes the HP Setup Assistant.


    Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.


    Click HP Setup Assistant on the menu and then click Quit HP Setup Assistant.

    Figure 2: Closing HP Setup Assistant


    When prompted Do you want to Quit? click Quit.


    Go to the HDD/library/Preferences/Hewlett-Packard Preferences/ .


    Drag the com.hp.setupassistant preference to the trash.


    Empty the trash and restart the computer.
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    hledgardhledgard Posts: 264member
    Bingo ! It worked ! !

    Thanks Artman ! ! !
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