problems with CS2 photoshop w/macbook pro

in Mac Software edited January 2014
recently, i've been unable to open CS2 photoshop or photo elements 3 on my macbook pro. i get an error message in the beginning "The application Photoshop quit unexpectedly." The only options i have is to close the window, report, or reopen (which still gives me this same error). has anyone experienced this problem?


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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    does anyone agree from the response above? everything works for my CS2 application (illustrator, indesign, etc...) except, i'm unable to launch photoshop or even the basic photo elements 3. would i just have to delete the plist for photoshop and photoelements from my preferences? if so... what items will i need to delete from my preferences?
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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    i haven't reinstalled any software... since i just purchased my mbpro in march. the only thing i had done was move all my CS2 appications into a new folder (just to organize my software).

    any suggestions in resolving this issue?
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