Non-standardzed textured windows??

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Using the developer tools, I have found that not all applications' windows behave the same. For example, in iPhoto, even though I uncheck the "textured window" box, it's still textured. Safari doesn't act this way, however. In iCal, the mainmenu.nib won't even open.

Are all Cocoa programs this haphazard, or are these exceptions?

Does Apple use proprietary/hidden APIs in their apps?

I don't like to hack the system, but is there a way to remove the brushed metal on these Cocoa apps?


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    QuickTime Player, iTunes, and iPhoto use nonstandard methods for texturing windows because they were developed and released long before that toggle was made available in IB. It is possible to make iPhoto use Aque by switching the main widow to the regular NSWindow class. I made a thread here explaining this ages ago. QTP and iTunes are entirely hard coded to the custom texture. You can, however, replace the textur in the app's *.rsrc file with an editor such as Resorcerer or ResEdit.

    Newer apps like iChat, Address Book, Calculator, iCal, iSync, and Safari all use the new toggle.
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    Thanks Brad. I did a search, but couldn't find that thread you posted previously. I also couldn't find the toggle in IB for iCal.

    I appreciate the help, though.
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