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I'm a university music instructor, professional musican, recording hoobyist, and COMPLETE html idiot. A few years back, I had a very basic site designed (link below), and it has served me well and gotten a lot of traffic. However, as things stand, the only thing I can edit at this point is the photo gallery. My webmaster has sent me the code for the pages of the site and I have all if the info and passwords needed to update and edit it. What I lack is the software and the knowledge of how to do it. Since it's my summer break, the next few months are my best chance to do this.

What I have: the "HTML for Dummies" book, and the money to buy whatever software would best help me do what I want to do.

What I'm trying to do: I'd like to be able to update the info on the pages of my site, add soundclips, and turn the "ramblings" page into an ongoing blog kind of thing (only I'd like it to be indexed my topic). Eventually, I'd like to be able to redesign the site, but that's for later. Money isn't really an issue when it comes to the software. If there was someone who i could hire locally to take lessons on how to manage a site, I'd sign up in a heartbeat...but I can't seem to find anyone like that around.

Biggest question: Does Rapidweaver seem like a good starter application for what I'm trying to do? I get a sense that iWeb is too limited and Dreamweaver is overkill, but beyond that, I'm lost.

Thanks for reading this overlong post! (Mods - sorry if it's in the wrong forum)

Edit: the site in question is www.chrisfitzgeraldmusic.com


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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member
    Go to screencastsonline and scroll down the left side of the page and click on the Rapidweaver link. After the page loads scroll down the right side and the bottom three tutorials, which can be downloaded, show you how to use Rapidweaver. The tutorials show how to use version 3.2 so scroll down the left side and click the Aug2006 link to see the 3.5 updated (Universal Binary) version of Rapidweaver in action.

    Version 3.5.1 requires Tiger, but 3.5.0 is compatible with Panther.
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    jupiteronejupiterone Posts: 1,564member
    I started with iWeb and found it OK as a freebee. But I eventually bought RapidWeaver and have used it ever since. I really like it. I would recommend it for you. It strikes a good balance between iWeb and Dreamweaver.
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    Thanks for the replies. The screencastsonline link was especially helpful. I think Rapidweaver looks like the way to go. Hope I'm not too dense to use it!
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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,605member
    RapidWeaver. I don't build sites without it anymore.
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