I messed up my display settings

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Okay, I was messing with my display settings, because the windows were HUGE and I thought I knew what I was doing, well obviously I didn't.

It was messed up when I finally said "screw it" and then went to bed, but it wasn't to the point like it is now.

How it is now, is it's just all screwed up, it's almost like the screen is in a repeated 40x1000 image.

It's crazy, I can't hardly see anything to fix the settings, in fact I can't really at all. I don't know what to do either, and I don't want to lose all my files reformatting.

Please? Help?


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    More info please:

    What kind of Mac is it?


    Video Memory?

    Go to your top left Apple icon and select "About this Mac" and it'll give you details on your hardware, OS and stuff we may need to resolve your problem.

    Oh, maybe go to Dock/Preferences/Display and (if I remember...) see if there is a way to reset it to the default settings.
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