Ipod folder trouble

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Hey people,

I having a really weird problem here.. hope anyone can help.

I recently bought an ipod nano 1st gen 8gb from the internet. (a site like ebay)

now and then when I create a folder on the ipod it does really weird: it's filled with nonsense files with strange names, or it's an exact copy of the folder that I placed the folder in. (so it's an endless row of folders..) I don't know why or when exactly this occurs, but it did several times.. and others times I created maps there were no problems. don't know what triggered it. I can't delete this 'nonsense' folders, so I completely erased the ipod's memory.. several times already, have to place the music back on it each time, boring work..

I hope there's any knowledge on this problem.. like this I can't normally use the ipod..

thanks in advance..


hey. I'm not sure.. is this the right forum to place this question? if not, or need more info.. just shout.


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    teedoff087teedoff087 Posts: 348member
    First off, Mac or Windows? Second, are you trying to use anything other than iTunes to manage your iPod? You can't just drag and drop in Finder or Explorer like you can with some other players.
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    drisosdrisos Posts: 2member
    windows xp

    I'm using itunes, recently downloaded so probably latest version.

    I did use drag and drop yes. but it went wrong a couple of times when creating maps called after artists to arrange the music files nicely..
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