Audio Disaster

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
After messing with garage band and an external amp I have a problem with my macbook pro audio. Sound still plays from the internal speakers but if I plug in headphones or my SPDIF it's like it doesn't recognize them, sound continues to come from the internal speakers but not the external devices. Also my internal mic is not getting anything. I did the apple hardware test and it didn't show anything wrong. Need ideas!


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    I suppose when everything is back to normal it will be disaster dealt with. Anyways, an update. After consulting with the internets I decided that I must have fried my I/O board (contains the input, output one USB and the Mag Safe adapter) the apple block diagram as well as troubleshooting flow chart says to replace the I/O board. After getting a quote from my local Comp USA of 240+ dollars (yes 240) So like any cheapo I started looking for the part myself. After finding one for 69 bucks I pulled apart my MacBook to see if I could do it. Turns out it's not such a big deal. Now I am just waiting on the I/O Board to arrive and I am hoping to be back to disaster dealt with.
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