Looking for a good barcode scanner/software for inventory

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I have been looking for a good customer database program for my business but I'm also looking for a good bar code scanner. I've seen quite a few available but most of all I'm looking for the best software to use it with?

For now I'm using Quickbooks Pro for Windows as my inventory program so if I get something that interfaces with that it would be great but it seems Quickbooks out of the box doesn't do that. I am also hoping to switch to the Mac version of Quickbooks but am worried I'll have a harder time finding a scanner solution.

What I will use this for is reading in new inventory when it comes in and also scanning it as it is shipped out.


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    the cool gutthe cool gut Posts: 1,714member
    We aren't using a bar code scanner as of yet, but we will be in the future. Right now we handle order using Filemaker Pro : www.filemaker.com

    We are mostly Macs. Are accountants use Quickbooks on the P.C. (by the way, if your using Quickbooks on a P.C. right now, I don't think you are going to like the Mac version.)

    We handle all our orders and inventory in Filemaker. Using a plugin called Filebooks Link : http://www.filebookslink.com , we post all our orders from Filemaker to Quickbooks with the click of a button. You should easily be able to hook a bar code scanner to filemaker and it's both P.C. and Mac compatible.

    The developer who hooked this up for us is KSI : www.ksi.ca

    Hope that helps a bit!
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