How easy is it go upgrade hard drive in MBP C2D

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I purchased a MacBook Pro Core2Duo last fall. I often max out my hard drive in systems and would have gone with 200 gigs but because of the lower speed chose 160 gigs. Well I'm down to only 25 gigs free already. I bought a external Lacie firewire drive which is 160 gigs. That solves my problem but I move my computer all around the house and also take it with me on business trips and the hard drive is just a extra item to carry. I've thought of offloading some rarely used software to it. But today I read how both Fujitsu and Western Digital have 250 gig hard drives coming out now that are mac compatible and 5400 rpm so it's so tempting!

My question, how hard it is to upgrade them? I've heard it isn't supposed to be done by a user but can be done. Will it void my warranty? I can't go without my laptop for long but if I went to a Apple store could they do it while I wait? Will they have these hard drive options available or can I take one of these drives in? I figured they have their own hard drives at a premium price.


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