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List some of the better mac freeware here.

There are sites that have lists but many people never sees these and much freeware is ignored. Freeware listed here can range from games to word prossesing. Just remember to give the applications name and link.

Here are a few, mostly usless, applications/games


Snjor Simulates snow on your screen

Back light 2 Displays screensavers as your desktop background

Subliminal Message Display custom subliminal messages in a number of times formats, fonts, and colors.

Conan the Librarian A set sound level will make your computer shout at you

Earthquake The computers screen will shake at certain times and then stop

Poop Alerts One of the best applications for pranks. It runs on a server or client and at random times, a dog will pop onto the computer screen and take a dump on it. It runs hidden too.

MacSaber uses motion in laptop to play lightsaber sounds.


Audacity A simple sound tool with many export options

Switch In my opinion, the best audio converter out there with almost every format supported.


Photopolis Turn your photos into cities

3D Modeling

blender A great 3d modeling tool

Terragen 1 and 2 The best 3d landscape modeling system out there for any price. Be warned, render times are large but it uses little memory, and it is well worth the wait. My favorite freeware for mac


Glider Pro An classic now offered for free

Sauerbraten Gamers and developers will like this open source death match based game

Dim3 engine A game engine with some good features

Newton Game dynamics A real time physics simulation that can be easily used with other projects

Kumoon a great puzzle game where you have to use physics to win.

Tremulous A great multiplayer shooter that is aliens vs humans

Armagetron a 3d tron based game with multi and single player options

BZFlag A game low on looks but high on gameplay. Play caputure the flag in super powerful tanks

X-Moto A 2d motorcycle jumping game that features tons of levels.

Rocky the monkey a very fun game. You play as a monkey trying to escape rising water

N (ninja) The best lode runner like game out there with over 150 included levels and thousands of user made ones. Escape using ninja skills for robots, missels, mines, and everything else.

Please help others your posting your freeware. Anything will be helpful, just make sure its free.


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    daibachdaibach Posts: 18member
    Try this site for a list of the best free software for the Mac:
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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 909member
    There is also a very big of all apps a guy named Jeff can locate (17,854 OS X apps listed as of today), but you have to dig through for what might interest you - but that is half the fun.

    Everything from Freeware to full commercial apps, with shareware being a large percentage from what I can tell.

    My number one free app is SMARTReporter ( as it sets a small icon on the menu bar - green if the HD is OK and red if you are starting to have problems. Will even send you an email warning of trouble. Found it AFTER a PB HD had problems and had to be replaced.
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