help. so lost... networking.

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I have a powerbook G4 running OSX, and a Windows XP machine that both connect wirelessly to a belkin router.

I've tried allowing a shared folder on the PC and going into networking on the Mac to allow sharing of the files, but nothing seems to be working...

I've tried searching the forums, but whenever I get to a thread which seems to help, it starts going into acronyms and jargon which throws me off into stupid-land.

is there a thread, or a walkthrough or tutorial which tells me step by step who to access files or set up the router or create a network between the two? i'm so tired of carrying my flash drive between the two computers...

so sorry for my ignorance on how to do this.

- sequoia


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I'll help define the acronyms if you like. But there are several ways to solve your problem.

    I personally use a program called Sharepoints on my Mac and all the PC computers find it pretty easily.

    I set up one folder as a shared folder and all the PC computers map that drive. (If that is what it is called)
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    mrtotesmrtotes Posts: 760member

    iFelix has an excellent guide. Remember you'll need to enable Wireless Bridging/(Layer2 Switching) in your router.


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    sequoiasequoia Posts: 3member
    thanks for the quick response!

    my setup is I have about 5 computers running in my house via a wireless router (belkin model ? 801.11g) the two computers I want to access files and/or network are a 17" powerbook G4 and and a Toshiba laptop running windows XP

    so all the computers are connected to the network, but not each other.

    on the mac I went to the "airport admin utility" (as suggested by a sebsite) but my router isn't visible (assuming becuase it's not an "airport" router - but I may be wrong.)

    I tried going to system preferences - sharing - and selected:

    personal file sharing

    windows file sharing

    and on the PC seem to have enabled a "shared" folder, but when I try to access it (window to mac) via the address it gave \\\\\

    ame (and I tried using firefox - not sure if that's the program - told you i was a little uneducated) it just timed out.

    what I'm looking to do is have a network hard drive visible on my mac (which is the PC) and the like for the PC - for the mac.

    almost like opening a finder window and traversing throught the files so I can obtain the files I need.

    and on the PC a network drive that allows the same

    (vs, a single folder between both computers.)

    thanks for all you quick help everyone.

    - sequoia
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    sequoiasequoia Posts: 3member
    Originally Posted by mrtotes View Post

    iFelix has an excellent guide. Remember you'll need to enable Wireless Bridging/(Layer2 Switching) in your router.




    i'll take a look, hopefully that will allow me to accomplish what I'm trying to do.

    you guys rule.
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