Power Off problem in the 20" cinema display with wintel

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
i have a new 20" cinema screen hooked up to my wintel box - works fine but 2 problems

1) looking down from far above (not an accepted viewing angle) the screen looks pinkish - this does not affect the screen at any of the normal viewing angles, i only notice it when im standing up at a sharp angle to the screen - so its not a useability problem in the sense that the 23"'s have had - is this normal?

2) the power button will not respond when i try to turn the display off. This is remedied by unplugging the screen and then replugging it. After this, the problem is gone and i can turn it off and on as much as i like until i reboot the system and then it wont turn off again

i have not tried this screen with a mac as my old powerbook only has a dvi to vga cable and i dont want to buy a minidvi adapter, so i was wondering is the power problem some kind of conflict with windows only.... anyone else had this problem?

if not i'll return it.

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