4GB RAM - MBP C2D 2.33GHz

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I have a MacBook Pro C2D 2.33GHz, etc. I recently swapped in 2 * 2GB DIMMS, bringing the total memory to 4GB. I know the OS only "sees" 3GB, but with RAM prices totally tanking, it amounted to... who cares, I'll take the possible 4-6% speed increase from using matched pairs of memory, since both of them cost me less than the original $650 price tag for a single 2GB DIMM back in November.

This seems to work fine, I'm experiencing no negative side effects

My question is: has anybody who is actually using 2 * 2GB DIMMS in the MBP ever noticed any problems with this setup? To my understanding this isn't even software, it's the Intel chipset which sees the first 3GB, reserves most of the last 1GB for system overhead, and tosses the rest.



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    You are correct, this isn't a software problem. It is a hardware problem, and one that will probably be obliterated soon.

    This isn't to say that the software doesn't do things regarding the 3GB "limit", just that the actual barrier is hardware.

    And judging by WWDC last year, they make a huge deal about passing the 4GB "line", and I wouldn't be suprised if 4GB ram support is part of a hardware revision in the next couple of years.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if matched memory matters much anymore (wow...alliteration), but I would probably buy 2X2 if I were getting RAM, even if the only reason was obtainability.
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