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in Mac Software edited January 2014
My adium doesn't display the yahoo avatars of most of my contacts.

The thing is that for some of my yahoo contacts it displays the avatars. These few people are my collegues here at work with whom I am in a LAN and also they use adium. Adium somehow can see their avatars and for all the other doesn't.

Could this be a protocol issue? Are there some connection settings that I must use?

What do you guys think? I have 2 weeks already since I don't see the avatars with my yahoo contacts (since I reinstaled adium). The avatars of my mac and msn contacts are displayed and refreshed perfectly.

PS: I just noticed that adium displays in "get info" about my contacts the data from the yahoo accounts website. If I click get info about a yahoo contact is shows the account details, the status and even the account picture at a very nice resolution, but I still can't figure why it doesn't get the avatar.


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    artanisartanis Posts: 156member
    I am getting to tired of this. Adium has become too buggy for me. Version 0.7 was the best, I had no error and the features were the same. Switching to yahoo messenger.....
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