iMac - Harddrive size?

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I am thinking about converting to an iMac (been a PC user all my life). I have been reading all the posts, and will likely wait until after WWDC to see if there is a change.

I have a questions, on what size hardrive to order when I am ready. I was thinking about the 500 gig, up from the 250, becuase I have an extensive music collection, and I want to get into video editting.

Would that be the recommended route, or it is just as fast to use an external hard drive through the USB connection?



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,584member
    I heard that 500GB drives are constantly error correcting, so they aren't as fast and don't last as long as 250GB one's. If you go with 250 that sould be good, but if Apple announces fully bootable ZFS filesystem in Leopard you'll probably be kicking yourself. Persoannly I'd go with the 250GB myself.
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