HELP: Mac Pro 3rd Party Memory (and great price)

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After taking the dive and ordering a CTO Mac Pro 2.66 with BT and Wifi I started looking for some 3rd party ram.

I was going to get Crucial but I found Mushkin 4GB FBDIMMS for 385 after rebate which seems to be a killer deal on what I've known to be a top brand name. This along with the 4 Samsung 500GB spinpoint drives I ordered was more than enough to 6 months same as cash on the NewEgg card. The Crucial was $450.

I a little concerned with 3rd party ram but in the MacPro but it looks like the issues have been worked out. Can any one comment? Was this an OK deal? How is Mushkin on the Mac Pro. I've always had good luck with them.

I'm a little pissed to find out that my unit will probably ship with an incorrectly wired BT adapter even though they have known about the issue for 8 months now. But, hopefully thats all.


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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I just bought a Mac Pro myself and I ordered some RAM from They had a sale this past weekend where I got a 4 GB kit (2x 2GB) for my Mac Pro for $328. I've heard good things about them but I don't have the RAM yet, I should get it some time later today. If anything goes wrong with it, I'll definitely post it here.
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