Extracting Audio From a DVD

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I just want to rip a few songs off of a dvd for my ipod. What app do I need?


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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    I meant to add that it could be a windows or mac app. I have both at my disposal.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,218moderator
    I would use YadeX:


    You just select what chapter or whatever and save as streams. If you click cancel on the video one, I think it will just save the audio. It will save a .ac3 file. You should convert this using a program like mAC3dec:


    into whatever format you like. You might be able to split the audio first using MPEG Streamclip. this way you aren't converting lots of audio.

    If you need to split audio in a more advanaced way e.g viewing waveforms, you can try Audacity.
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    Thanks I have pro tools so I can edit the audio once I extract it. Looking around it seems like wiretap might be the easiest thing. Anyone else have any suggestions?
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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    Try DVD Audio Extractor for Windows.
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