iPod + iTunes 7.2 problem

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After upgrading to iTunes 7.2, I synced my 5G 80GB iPod and received an error message that said to the effect that more than 100 songs will not be synced to my iPod because they are a file type that will not work with this iPod. Those files are in fact MP3's from protected AAC's which were purchased on iTunes, burned to CD's, then ripped back into iTunes so that I can play them on my car's CD/MP3 player. I restored the iPod, but it still won't sync those tracks. Anyone seen this problem? Should I re-install iTunes 7.1 and hold off on iTunes plus for the time being?

BTW: with the US and Canadian dollars at just about par, the DRM songs are $1.39CDN


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    MP3s transcoded from protected AACs do not work in iTunes 7.2.
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    audiopollutionaudiopollution Posts: 3,226member
    Originally Posted by Mr. Me View Post

    MP3s transcoded from protected AACs do not work in iTunes 7.2.

    How did they accomplish that? How is iTunes aware that the audio cd was created from protected AAC files?

    Interesting, if true.
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    teedoff087teedoff087 Posts: 348member
    That doesn't make sense. Explain.

    EDIT: I mean about transcoded mp3's. There's no way iTunes can determine that.
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    MacWorld has an article about this.

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    teedoff087teedoff087 Posts: 348member
    According to the article, it doesn't affect you if you don't rip with iTunes. I use Max, so no problems for me. I don't buy tracks from iTunes anyways, CDs are much more appealing to me.
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    Moreover, if you rip to AAC with iTunes 7.2, it will work.
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