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With Apple's recent dominance of the music industry (85% of worldwide online digital music sales), do you think Apple would be a good fit as a record label? They have everything they would need to be successful including recording software (GarageBand/ Logic Express/Logic Pro), video software (Final Cut Studio), distribution (iTunes), and amazing marketing. What would be the advantages for Apple to start a record label? What would be the advantages for consumers?

Also, in Steve Jobs? ?Thoughts on Music? letter, he said, ?97% of the music on the average iPod was not purchased from the iTunes store, iPod users are clearly not locked into the iTunes store to acquire their music.? If Apple started a record label how could they boost this number up?

Just curious, thanks.


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    Apple is still very much a technology company and putting in the infrastructure to handle a label properly would be a complete waste. If anything Record Labels need to be completely removed from the picture.

    There really wouldn't be an advantage from a consumer standpoint because record labels are there to market and distribute the content of the artist, so consumers are on the other side of the looking glass.

    There is no technical reason they can't do it, they just won't. Further, an artist doesn't give a damn about what Apple's software has to offer if they don't want to use it and would prefer something else.

    Further, while more iTunes sales are great, Apple has already done a great deal to boost this number and once all music has a DRM free option in iTunes Plus after record labels finally figure out that Steve was right, I have no doubt in my mind that sales for iTunes will shoot shoot through the roof and beyond. Of course Lossless options would also be nice for those that refuse to buy from iTunes from a quality standpoint.

    Pixar has a better chance of succeeding in the computer market with their computers from 20 years ago.

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