3 AT&T Stores told me..

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that they wont even have the phone by july, they said theyre supposed to get the demo at least a month in advance and nothing has come yet, nor has any information on a demo coming..

at first i didnt beleive this so i check 2 more stores in my area and they basically said the same thing


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Right now, those people probably have no more information than you do. However, nobody is asking you about the iPhone every 15 seconds. Chill. When the iPhone hits the stores, you will know.
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    commoduscommodus Posts: 270member
    I suspect they're blowing smoke, because they've obviously never dealt with Apple before.

    When was the last time Apple ever put up a demo unit before something was technically (if not officially) on sale? They don't give Best Buy a new iPod demo unit a month in advance of when it shows up in an Apple store, and I certainly wouldn't expect a different approach for the iPhone.
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