I have the Upstage

in General Discussion edited January 2014
People are right that the iPhone is a better phone -- however, when it comes to Sprint-only phones, the Upstage is the best. It can only be annoying if you scroll on the left/right side of the nav pad -- but rather, you should rub your thumb on top/bottom, like it's a directional pad on the SNES pad, and tap with pressure on the left/right side (right above the end/back buttons). This will avoid annoying touches to those back/end buttons.

Also, the flipping can be annoying if you use the MP3 side for everything. I don't. The phone side is the phone side for a reason. It's easy to scroll your contacts, add contacts and send Text Messages with the phone side. However, the one thing that I haven't figured out yet and/or it's not possible is this: you can't read old messages with the phone side, thats only possible with the mp3 side. But when you get new messages, you can choose to read/reply with the phone side.

The most annoying part -- really, for me, the only anoying part -- is I can not add my own music as a ring tone. Oh well I guess.

Anyone else used/bought an Upstage? What do you guys think of it?
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