contemplating upgrade

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Okay so here's the deal, I currently own a Dual G5 2.5 ghz tower, upgraded the burner to DL burner, 500 GB HDD, and 4GB of ram. I've seen something almost similar on eBay sell for $1900.

on, i saw a refurb of the Dual DualCore Xeon 2.66 for 2199. I would be taking a hit on memory and hard drive space.

Here's my complaints about my G5

1) it's noisy, fans are EXTREMELY loud for EVERY little task i do

2) if the home thermostat is 78, and i'm encoding more than one movie, it goes into sleep mode (gets too hot)

Here's what I do

1. Web Design

2. Graphic Design

3. Encode/Re-encode video (upscaling to HD or existing HD)

Is it worth to make an upgrade with my approach?
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