Clicking hard drive oh dear!!! New macbook

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Hi there,

I have had my macbook just over 2 weeks and the hard drive has started making a clicking noise every time I click to open an application or to switch. I have switched the macbook on and off but the same noise is there. Of course it makes the normal in use noise but this is different and I am 100% certain it wasn't there before. It has just happened today. I have backed up my data as I have little confidence. Why would it just start making such a noise. I am going to be so disappointed if something is wrong with it as I love it to bits.

Can anyone either put my mind at rest or tell me if I need to get it looked at.



Just to add from my original post. I only get the noise when I click using the click button. If I click use the track pad I don't get the clicking noise. It does sound like the hard drive. I have called apple and will go to a repair centre but any help in the mean time would be appreciated.
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