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Hi there..

I need your help in making a decision. I am and have been a MacAddict now for years.... I love my technology and I love my music.... for the past few years I have sat back and watched how the iPod has become part of our musical culture... I purchase mucic by the bucket load on CD and from iTunes.... but I have yet to purchase an iPod... I have been monitoring it's development over the past few years and last year made the decision to purchase the so called "true video" ipod.... but then comes along iPhone outta the blue and for now has put the "true video" iPod on hold... I would love to treat myself to an iPod now... as I'm off on Summer Vacation to France in three weeks for two weeks and I want to be able to take my music library with me. I have read up on the 5G Video iPod and it has received excellent reviews... so here's my question.... would you wait until the new iPod arrives.. whenever that may be... or would you just go and purchase the latest current version. The music player is my main priority... but like anyone into Apple Macs... I love have the latest version... and it does annoy me that as soon as I purchase the next generation may arrive.... WHAT WOULD YOU DO??

Yours sincerely,


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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 450member
    Maybe consider buying a refurbished iPod for now and then replace it later with a true video iPod when they come out.
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    spindriftspindrift Posts: 674member
    If you're just taking music with you, buy a Nano. It's more suited to travel due to its size and solid state memory. Then when the new video iPod comes out ready for Christmas, you won't feel guilty buying it too! Afther that you can keep the Nano for the car/gym.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    SpinDrift gave you the exact response that I was going to write. Get a 2GB Nano: you won't be able to take your entire library, but if you're just taking music, you'll have enough. In addition, the loss of a $150 player (should it get lost or stolen for any reason), will be a lot easier to accept.

    Incidently, I was in Europe for five weeks last summer (France, too! plus Germany, Czech Rep., Austria), and my music was on a 1Gen 1GB Shuffle. I only took 500MB of music with me, as I used the other 500MB for back-up storage for my photos. Enjoy your trip!
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    sigs21sigs21 Posts: 82member
    get a refurbed nano and use it if it is not enough sell it on ebay... I have sold a few on there and have only lost a little money on each purchase..
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