New MBP-Memory and Hard Drive Questions

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I'm getting ready to place an order now. I just have two questions.

Memory: Apple's memory is expensive. I want to max it out at 4 gigs so what memory do I get? What type of memory do I buy? Is it the same memory that the previous C2D mac used?

Hard Drive: I really want the 200 gig hard drive but performance is important to me. Is there a big speed decrease in the 200 gig hard drive since it's 4200 vs. 5400rpm? If so I'm staying with 160 gigs but my second question then is is there a big performance jump going up to the 160 gig 7200 rpm drive? Is it going to make a big difference in battery life?


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    rickr10rickr10 Posts: 40member
    Thanks for the quick reply. I found this option for Patriot Memory. Is this a good option?

    I know it voids warranty but I think I'll keep the standard 160gig HD and someday upgrade to one of the new 250GB 5400 rpm hard drives or even larger a year down the road or so.
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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    If you're going to buy RAM, don't get PC2-5300. Get chips of PC2-6400, because they run at 800MHz, which will really take advantage of the new Santa Rosa FSB.

    As for the hard drive, stick with 160GB until, like you said, faster drives come out.
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    rickr10rickr10 Posts: 40member
    I just ordered one. I've waited months for this. My other laptop was only a year old but I couldn't give up the temptation

    Where are most people buying them from? I know many places like Amazon, etc. don't get them this fast. I have a Apple Business Agent I deal with. Since you buy directly from the store through them you get them fast through the Apple store. How many others use Apple Business Agents on here? What I like about this Agent is if you contact him first before ordering often he can throw something in extra for free. Sometimes it's been things such as software such as Parallels, books on Mac OS X, even in one case extra memory. I just negotiate every purchase before I order. What are other people's experience with Apple Business Agents on here? If you are interested I use his store at His web site is and I think his email is [email protected]
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