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Hello. I need some help using KisMac. When I went to set it up, it had all these options for chips and cards under the "Driver" menu. I really don't know which ones to use. If I just select "Apple airport or Airport extreme ...", It will let me scan but not if I have the USB device on there. Even if I take it off, it will still not scan and give me an error message. If anybody really knows how to use KisMac, please help me! I need help setting it up. I can get as far as scanning, but nothing else. I cannot do an Authentication Flood, Nor a Re-inject Packet attack. Nothing seems to work. I NEED SOME HELP! I am using an Airport wireless network with a 1st Gen base-station, 2 expresses, and an extreme. Can anyone help? I would really like to use KisMac, but it just doesn't seem to work!


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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    chillax, homesauce.

    First off: newer Macs have Atheros chipsets that provide 802.11n. You use the Airport Extreme driver for that. If you have such a Mac, as you noted, neither packet injection nor authentication flood are supported. This is because Atheros sucks when it comes to providing driver documentation to open source developers like our friends at

    Second, just get a USB key that is supported (google it), then plug it in, start Kismac, and use the appropriate driver. If you google for the right device, the driver will support packet injection, and thus de-authentication.

    Check their site for dictionary attack methods... that's the fastest way to gain access to a network. Failing that, you can reinject packets into a WEP network to deduce the key being used.

    Happy hunting.
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    also if you want to do some of the advanced stuff, you should use 2 cards at once. Opens up a few possibilities.
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